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link New scientist New scientist (11.11.2009 23:11:51)

There are 25 datas in databese

feed Less loud sounds can still damage ears (11.11.2009 23:11:00)
If the results in mice translate to humans, the laws that determine the noises workers can be exposed to may need to change

feed Propelled by light: the promise and perils of solar sailing (11.11.2009 22:11:00)
Despite earlier failures, the Planetary Society is gearing up to test another solar sail in space in a year – executive director Louis Friedman explains why

feed Suite of chatterbox genes discovered (11.11.2009 19:11:00)
A set of 116 genes influenced by Foxp2 could have coevolved to give humans language

feed Fair play: Monkeys share our sense of injustice (11.11.2009 19:11:00)
Our instinctive reaction to displays of greed and conspicuous consumption has its origins in the primate world, says Frans de Waal

feed Mini ice age took hold of Europe in months (11.11.2009 19:11:00)
Detailed studies of ancient climate have revealed that the onset of Europe's "Big Freeze", 13,000 years ago, was anything but glacial

feed Mars rover battles for its life (11.11.2009 19:11:00)
NASA's veteran explorer Spirit faces its toughest challenge yet as it prepares to free itself from a sand trap where it has been mired for the past six months

feed In SUSY we trust: What the LHC is really looking for (11.11.2009 19:11:00)
Forget the God particle - the rebooted Large Hadron Collider will give us much greater revelations

feed Today on New Scientist: 11 November 2009 (11.11.2009 19:11:00)
Today's stories on newscientist.com, at a glance, including: what the LHC is really looking for, how a mini ice age took hold of Europe in months, and how to get a club-winged manakin excited

feed Boys with ALD bring gene therapy in from cold (11.11.2009 16:11:00)
Two boys treated with a gene therapy for the brain disease X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy have fared so well that doctors are seeking more volunteers

feed Ultimate emergency call uses all open channels (11.11.2009 15:11:00)
A new satellite radio promises to use all known communication methods to raise the alarm when the owner is in a spot of bother

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