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link BBC news BBC news (12.11.2009 00:11:36)

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feed Lithium clue for planet-hunters (11.11.2009 22:11:52)
Astronomers tell the journal Nature that Sun-like stars with orbiting planets tend to be depleted in the element lithium.

feed Making a change? (11.11.2009 18:11:40)
How the Marine Bill could affect one area in Dorset

feed Six-year limit on DNA of innocent (11.11.2009 17:11:48)
The DNA of most innocent people arrested in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will not be kept for more than six years, the Home Office says.

feed Poor nutrition 'stunting growth' (11.11.2009 17:11:23)
Poor nutrition is still causing major problems in the developing world - despite some progress being made.

feed Poor nations vow low-carbon path (11.11.2009 16:11:08)
Poor countries vulnerable to climate change plot a low-carbon future and challenge richer states to match them.

feed Marine Bill enters final stages (11.11.2009 13:11:06)
The Marine Bill, which will pave the way for creation of marine conservation zones, is set to become law.

feed The deep-sea crab with an unusual woody watery diet (11.11.2009 12:11:11)
Deep under the ocean, a species of crab survives by eating wood that has sunk to the sea floor, scientists discover.

feed Digital cloud plan for city skies (11.11.2009 09:11:46)
A giant "digital cloud" that would "float" above London's skyline is outlined by an international team of architects and designers.

feed Under the sea (11.11.2009 05:11:19)
Vulnerable species found in the UK's coastal waters

feed Ricin 'antidote' to be produced (11.11.2009 02:11:19)
An anti-toxin that protects against ricin poisoning is to move into production for the first time, after eight years of research.

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